About NDO


Why We Started

Welcome to NDO Society! NDO Society was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio by two former collegiate athlete roommates. After working out for over 70% of their entire lives they struggled to find fitness apparel that focuses on the material and not the designs. Wanting to train in top-quality apparel without having all of the attention on you while in the gym was something that they wanted.

Realizing that there is a large community of individuals that want to train in performance-tested fitness gear that has simple branding and colors, they decided to create a brand with form-fitting & loose-fitting apparel that allows the more humble workout enthusiast to feel their best and stay low key while in the gym.


Our Mission

Each and every item that we release within our collection is designed to be simple in style but highly functional in the gym. Allowing you to do any exercise or workout to the best of your ability.


This is a formula that we use to think about which items should be added to our collection. The top (2) components of every item are centered around quality & comfort first. Everything else comes after.


Our Tagline and motto are something that we stand by each day. The day that NDO Society gives in to creating an item with a lot of designs and flash is the day that we sell out to the market. "Stay humble and work hard!"