About NDO


Why We Started

Welcome to NDO Society! We were founded in the fall of 2020 by Marcelis Branch (out of Atlanta, GA) & Kenny Davis (out of Cincinnati, OH) because of their recognition in the lack of high quality material fitness apparel that are affordable to the average person. Performance based apparel, that is comfortable and allows you complete any exercise or workout without any restrictions. 

Men and women train to improve and test themselves consistently on a weekly basis. Until you wear high quality material you cannot truly complete each workout to the best of your ability. 

Basing most of our designs on building confidence into the individual. Focusing on colors and styling that is more basic to draw attention away from the flashy look to being comfortable, confidence, and fit. 


Our Mission

Each and every item that we release within our collections are designed to have the best material make-up and a style based on being as comfortable as possible.

After being seeing collegiate athletes and professional athletes train in some of the best apparel that there is to offer, we realized that the everyday fitness enthusiasts are working to train just as hard as an athlete but all of the best apparel is usually too expensive and may not be as comfortable as they hoped the material would be. 

Through our apparel, offering result-oriented workout programs, nutrition plans, and fitness boot camps we hope to assist you in sustaining a comfortable healthy/fit lifestyle.